Turshi – A Unique Lunch or Snack

Ageless Woman Healthy Recipe for the Busy Woman

If you love the taste of sushi or sushi rolls but hate the price – or perhaps cannot quite get over the “raw fish” issue – this quick recipe is for you! It’s made with deli turkey and thus the name – TURSHI! Keep an open mind because it is DELICIOUS! Recipe Coming Soon – […]

What is an “old woman”?

Aging Ain't for Sissies #2

We continue our discussion on what it means to age. Today, our question: What IS an old woman? We share our thoughts and encourage you to do the same in the comment section below. Ideas for Sharing: Share your actual age as well as how old you feel. For example, I (Danna) am 64. I […]

Aging Ain’t For Sissies

Robyn shares a serious & a superficial dislike about aging

If we’re brutally honest, most of us don’t love aging. The benefits – like wisdom, experience, blah blah blah, don’t always outweigh the downside – like wrinkles, health issues, mental fogginess. I’m guessing YOU know what we mean. So, we thought we’d start a weekly dialogue on what you really feel about aging. In this […]

Fingernail Health Tips

You emailed and we answered!

Send us your health, weight loss, nutrition, beauty, or general “ageless living” questions and we’ll do our best to answer you via a short video! We share a great nutritional supplement and a food that nourishes your entire body that can make your nails healthy and strong when taken regularly. Plus, there are other great […]

Got Boo Boo’s? Pimples? Abrasions?

A Healthy & Fave Solution We Use and Love

What do rugby players , cooks, and grandkids have in common? They are prone to getting cuts, scrapes, and other boo boo’s that can cause scaring and need a quick and gentle approach to heal quickly. Today’s 2-minute video shares our favorite solution – to include a “pimple scar” remedy for your teens or menopausal […]

Living Beneath the Surface

What are your biggest life challenges right now?

Sometimes, it may seem like all we talk about is the exterior side of a woman’s being – health, weight loss, beauty, or fashion. But, trust us when we say – we realize that being “ageless” is much more about what is going on beneath the surface of your life. In this short video, Danna […]

NEW! Your Q’s Answered in Short Videos

How many eggs can I safely eat each day?

OUR GOAL… is to help you realize your best health, body, and overall life – no matter what your age! “Ageless” (45+) women want answers about how to eat for maximum energy and minimum fat storage. They want to know about the best beauty and health products and how live with passion, purpose and joy […]

12 Key Weight Loss Strategies for Women 40+

Discover the missing link to your best body

In this short video, we share the strategies we’ve personally used to get and stay lean and healthy in 40’s – 50’s – 60’s You will learn: 3 Non-Food Strategies for Realizing Permanent Weight Loss 4 Foods that Are Making You Fat & How to Minimize Their Impact 5 Ways to Control Your Cravings & […]

Naturally Curb Your Appetite & Eat Less

Quick - Tasty - Healthy Tips for the Ageless Woman

AGELESS WOMAN – QUICK TIP One of the best ways to feel full and eat less calories is to add high volume and high viscous foods to your daily diet. What are those? Foods with lots of water and lots of fiber. The best source – vegetables! Today’s tips will help you do just that […]

Coffee & Chocolate Confessions

What’s the best time to drink your coffee? How much fun food do you allow in your diet? Here is our coffee and chocolate confession and recommendation for a balanced approach. If you haven’t already, we invite you to join our community of “ageless women” by subscribing to our email list on the right column. […]