40 Days to Healthy Living

A spiritual journey to change from the inside out

Do you believe these statements?

I have great worth because I am a child of God.
My weight and habits do not define me.
With God’s help I am being renewed daily into His image.
I am setting my mind on things above and not giving into my cravings.
I love how I feel when I eat healthfully and do things that promote a lean and energetic body. 

Sigh. I’m delighted to say that I do believe those words today. But, there was a time when I lived in absolute bondage to my unhealthy thoughts and habits. It was a long journey and realizing victory at last was so freeing. That’s why I am passionate about doing all I can to help other women discover breakthroughs like mine.

So, if that’s you – a woman who loves God but struggles to with your relationship with food or other hard to break habits – this book and my 40 day challenge is for you! Just imagine, before the end of June you could be on the way to a major personal breakthrough!


I have a limited supply (about 120) of my book – 40 Days to Healthy Living. It’s designed as a 40-day journey toward gaining a healthier perspective about your health and habits in combination with a daily devotional to encourage you to renew your mind with biblical truth. It’s a smaller “pocket sized” book you can carry with you for the next 40 days to gain the knowledge and inner strength God’s truth provides to help you realize lasting transformation.

You can purchase the book while supplies last for
only $7.95 including shipping.


It begins with 5 Foundational Teaching Chapters to include:

  1. The Dynamics of Change – Why it can be so difficult
  2. Change Your Mind – The biblical solution of renewing your mind
  3. The Battle of the Flesh – How to fight the battle with God’s truth and power
  4. Change Your Habits – Practical Nutrition Tips for Health & Weight Loss
  5. A 40-Day Strategy Toward Permanent Change

It Continues with 40 Days of Devotional Topics with a Daily “Body Tip” Here’s an Excerpt:

Day 1 – Nourish Your Spirit:  Drop the Stone

“Woman, where are they? Did no one condemn you?” She said, “No one, Lord.”
And Jesus said, “I do not condemn you either. Go. From now on sin no more.” ~ John 8:10-11

“Here I go again…giving in to all my cravings and eating like there is no tomorrow. What is wrong with me?” I remember the knot in my gut as I made comments like this one every day during my time struggling with emotional eating and bulimia. And, I hear this kind of statement from people all over the country as I speak and share my story. They are frustrated and discouraged because they keep falling back into old patterns. Often they are stuck because they’ve become incredibly skilled at self-condemnation.

If you feel defeated and condemned to a life of bondage, who do you think is condemning you? I can assure you that your sense of shame is not of the Lord. He wants you to fully experience the power and freedom of your identity in Him alone. In John 8, we read about a woman who was caught in the act of adultery. Yet, she was not condemned by Jesus. He showed her that even her accusers – the self-righteous Pharisees that wanted to stone her – were not without sin. In fact, they were not righteous enough to even cast the first stone.

This “woman of shame” lay at the feet of Jesus, exposed in all her sin. I can only imagine what she was waiting for Him to do or say as the religious hypocrites slithered away leaving her alone and face to face with the Lord. Did He remind her of all her failures? Did He condemn her for her sin? Did he wag His finger in contempt? No, He simply said, “Go and sin no more.”

I have to believe that something supernatural happened in the heart of that woman in that moment. According to Jewish law, she should have been stoned to death. And, now she was walking away free. But, she was not just free from death; she was free from the bondage of her old life. While she could have gone back to her adulterous ways, I have to believe she was too profoundly transformed to live in that kind of bondage any longer. Jesus had not just spared her life, he had set her free from the lies she believed. He showed her that she was not alone in sin. He showed her the power of His profound grace and that when she received Him, her sin was washed away. She was no longer defined by her sinful behavior, but rather reborn in newness of life.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that the Lord approved of her lifestyle. What I am saying is that condemnation and shame often send us into hiding and keep us in bondage.

When the Holy Spirit deals with us, it is with a conviction that brings repentance and a change in behavior that is rooted in right thinking and a pure heart. What does it take for each of us to move from self-condemnation to conviction and then lasting change that is rooted in truth?

It takes faith and trust. We must believe that we are not “condemned” by God for our “bad” behavior. And we must stop condemning ourselves. We must trust that his truth alone will truly set us free. If we simply struggle by our own will power and self-discipline to be “good” – we will ultimately fail at some point. But, if our motives are to surrender to Him and to let Him transform us into His image, we will discover incredible peace, power and life-changing freedom.

If you are feeling defeated this very day by your failures, I am guessing that you are throwing stones at yourself. And, you probably have a great supporter (though truly an enemy) cheering you along. Put down the stones and listen to Jesus. Listen to Him tell you how much He loves you (despite your behavior). He alone can give you the power to walk away from anything that holds you in bondage. Let go. Drop the stone. Grab His hand.


Lord,  It is so true. I am so hard on myself some days. I give in to a small temptation and the next thing I know, I am out of control. The shame of feeling like a failure further diminishes my ability to dig myself out of my emotional rut and resume healthier ways. Please help me to “put down the stones”. Help me to truly believe Romans 8:1 that says, “Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” Help me to walk this day with you as my strength and my encourager. Amen.

Day 1 – Nourish Your Body: Breathe

If you were stranded on a desert island, you could potentially survive for months without food (depending upon your fat reserves) but only two to three days without water. But, no matter where you are; the thing you need most to survive minute to minute is air. From our first breath until our last, our bodies require a constant supply of oxygen. Yet, most of us are not breathing properly and thus diminishing our health in significant ways. Just because you are not turning blue, does not mean your body is fully oxygenated. As children we laugh, run and play in ways that encourage us to breathe deeply. In contrast, most adults breathe mostly from the upper chest and many do not challenge their lungs frequently or sufficiently to maximize the life-enhancing benefits of deep breathing.

Improving your breathing techniques and increasing your respiratory capacity can decrease your blood pressure, heart rate and level of stress in measurable ways. It can also improve your sleep, decrease your muscle tension and increase your concentration.

On an even deeper level, deep breathing actually increases your immunity and helps remove toxins from your body by stimulating your lymphatic system to do its job more efficiently. Your circulatory system delivers nutrients and oxygen to your cells and your lymphatic system carries those toxins away. But unlike your arteries, vessels and capillaries that receive their nutrition from the pumping action of your heart, the lymphatic system is propelled by deep breathing and muscular contractions. It is essential to health as it is a key “sewage removal” system on the cellular level. Without it, we would die of toxicity within a day. Additionally, a healthy system is instrumental in maintaining a healthy immune system which can destroy foreign cells such as cancer.

You can imagine how inefficient the lymphatic system must be for people who get little or no exercise and who rarely stimulate their body to breathe deeply from the diaphragm. By doing both on a daily basis, your can enhance your health tremendously. If you spend much of your day sitting; get up at least once and hour and move about for at least two to three minutes. Try to begin putting purposeful exercise which gets your heart beating faster and your respirations deeper at least four times a week.

Another very simple technique is to practice deep breathing for one to two minutes, three times per day. It is so simple you can do it while you are driving, watching television or almost anything. When you first inhale, let your belly expand as you take about two seconds to completely fill your lungs. Then hold that air in for about four to five seconds; and lastly breathe out slowly until your lungs are empty for taking about four seconds. Repeat this exercise a total of ten times. This is such a simple habit that costs you nothing but can pay you in great health dividends. Breathe!