What is an “old woman”?

Aging Ain't for Sissies #2

We continue our discussion on what it means to age. Today, our question: What IS an old woman? We share our thoughts and encourage you to do the same in the comment section below.

Ideas for Sharing:

  1. Share your actual age as well as how old you feel. For example, I (Danna) am 64. I feel and see myself as if I’m about 45. You?
  2. What one word best describes an “old” woman to you?
  3. When did you feel like you were “old” in someone else’s eyes?
  4. What do you hope to keep doing into your 70’s – 80’s – 90’s?
  5. Can you still “kick & stretch” no matter what your age? (Watch end of video)

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7 thoughts on “What is an “old woman”?

  1. Old woman is one who has given up on life and thinks she is old and can not do anything because of her age. Ageless is one who see age as a number only , she cares for her body and mind and continues doing the things that brings her joy. I am 62 and I try to keep healthy with good eating habits and keeping my mind active. I feel I have many years to enjoy the things and people I love. It is mind over matter , we cannot think about what people think is old . We know what we can accomplish regardless of what others think we should do at our age.

  2. I am 77. I feel 62.
    An old woman is “uninvolved” in life. I want to continue, reading, gardening, cleaning my own home and going to church until I die. Yes, hooray. I can still kick and stretch

  3. Right now I see more plus than minus with old at 58. So I’m not bothered by old maybe that will change in time. Now 10 years ago I’d be more sure my answer would be my answer for ever. ?

  4. I think of any old woman who sits around and watches the world go by, because they have given up on life. I feel there is nothing so bad in life that there is not one thing we shouldn’t be thankful for and then capitalize on that. Example, we woke up this morning. Thankful for that. Now show your thankfulness by doing something. Get up take a walk and look at your surroundings and be thankful, or help someone less fortunate, do volunteer work. Share what you love with others. Another words…..you don’t have to look at aging as getting old, just enjoy life and always try to find happiness. Oh, yes I can still kick, stretch etc. In fact, I recently had to go to Physical Therapy and the highest compliment the PT could have paid me was the surprised look on his face as to how flexible I was. I’m soon to be 66!!! Life is Good.