Aging Ain’t for Sissies – Part 3

Thoughts on Danna's Daughter Turning 40!

We all know that if we’re blessed to live a long life, we’ll get “old”. But, what makes a woman “old” and how can our best years be our last years? Our goal at Ageless Woman Living is to share insights and resources that help you make the next decades of your life the very best possible. We also want to have honest discussions about aging – the good, bad, and ugly. That’s the purpose of the videos in this short series – AGING AIN’T FOR SISSIES.

My oldest daughter just turned 40? How can that be when I’m only 45?

What are your feelings about aging?
What do you love about your life right now?
What do you fear or regret?
What are your hopes and dreams? SHARE BELOW!

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6 thoughts on “Aging Ain’t for Sissies – Part 3

  1. Hi Girls,
    I don’t usually let you know that I’m following, but I do when I can. Thought I would just shoot over a couple of thoughts about aging. Sixty three is close on my horizon and there is no doubt that since I have turned over into sixty, things are certainly shifting and I can see it. I think the biggest challenge for most of us who want to stay the best we can stay falls into two contingencies; time and money. How much of it do you have to spend on yourself? It takes time to exercise, even pressing cans of corn or a brisk walk. It takes time to socialize with your friends and meet for weekly Bible studies and many women just don’t have it. How about money? Yep, that too. It takes money for a good hair dresser, facial products (even the inexpensive stuff is more than some can afford). How about the small “nips and tucks and needles and sucks”? Money. And then there’s just the ability to be able to do something with the raw stuff that God gave you; like the wherewithal to fix your hair before you walk out of the house. For me? I do the best I can with what I have. I always wish it could be a little more. I always wish I had more time and more money to be prettier and more fit. But this is the reality. And to struggle with the wish is immature and more than that, ineffective. And so here I am, doing the best with what I have. Sometimes I have more, sometimes less. Most effective for me however, is to grow spiritually and the more I focus on the beauty of Christ IN me, the less concerned I am about the things I can’t change or control.
    Thanks for making the world a better place. I love you both!

  2. I am turning 65 this summer- I have 38 yr son, 32 dd, 27 dd. It went so fast. I share same view as you guys- not wiling away my time but I also have fibro it has really gotten worse, so I’ve really slowed down- that bothers me. It’s shocking to think about what will I be know for, when I am gone should the Lord tarry. I am hoping for Rapture in my life time.

    • Thanks for sharing, Linda. I know you know this – but I’ll say as much for me as for you – even little deposits we make each day into the lives we touch – can become our legacy. Today we can share a smile – a word of hope – a helping hand. I used to think it was the “big” things – and touching lots of lives that matter. Now, I realize that life and legacy are indeed in the daily little assignments God gives us. (DD)

  3. I’m turning 59 in a month. I am a woman of faith and I love Jesus and I too believe the best is yet to come both in eternity and I remaining years here on Earth. Currently have 3 young grandchildren living with me. My biggest fear is not living long enough to see them into their adult lives. I try each day to show them a strong, God loving woman who sees so much purpose and value in them. I try to speak blessings on them every single day. Your prayers would be appreciated.

  4. Age is just a number to me…it’s how confident u feel on the inside…I’m feeling very hopeful about life right now…I’m in a real good place emotionally and spiritually…don’t have much regrets and my dreams right now is to get back into school and and be the best wife friend and Nene I can be…❤️❤️❤️