Aging Ain’t For Sissies

Robyn shares a serious & a superficial dislike about aging

If we’re brutally honest, most of us don’t love aging. The benefits – like wisdom, experience, blah blah blah, don’t always outweigh the downside – like wrinkles, health issues, mental fogginess. I’m guessing YOU know what we mean. So, we thought we’d start a weekly dialogue on what you really feel about aging. In this 2-minute video, Robyn is very transparent. We hope you will share your thoughts as well in the comment section below.

Oh by the way, we feel confident that this can be a safe and accepting place to share. Let’s not judge each other – let’s listen, support and encourage. And…we WILL be sharing future posts where we’ll discuss the UPSIDE of aging!

The conversation is beginning in the comments below. How many of you have chosen to “give gray a chance”? If you’re willing to share your pictures, we’ll post them for others to enjoy.

No matter what color your hair – if you cover up or go natural – you all have an important voice and something to share! We’d love to hear from you!

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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16 thoughts on “Aging Ain’t For Sissies

  1. I would have to say health issues also. And seeing things go droopy and getting lined. Love that I am more at peace with myself and my body l, but it’s still hard to watch the changes! Guess we can’t stay young forever lol

    • Yes, it is hard to watch things that were up…droop down…things that were “in”…pop “out”! Finding a balance of slowing the process of external and internal aging AND accepting that which we CANNOT change is the goal!

    • Hi Kari and ladies
      Two things that come to mind. One recovering from muscle strains and sprains. The bounce back of youth is not there. The other is Ive colored my hair for years but I’m feeling a tug to go “natural”. But might have some highlights woven in to transition. This part of my how much should I fight aging and how much should I let it be.

      Right now I’m letting the grey come but might mess with it if I don’t like the outcome. My hair dresser has said it takes time to transition and shared the idea of highlights and lowlights.

      • Hi Erin! Yes, recovery of muscles, etc. DOES take longer. This is where good nutrition (perhaps collagen support – which also helps nails) can be helpful. Also – 7 to 8 hours of SLEEP is more important as we age since that is the time our body actually goes through cellular regeneration. GRAY? I hear ya, girl! My daughters are both hair stylists – so I get free services for LIFE! Nevertheless, if my coloring looked good with gray – and if my color gray was attractive – I’d go for it! Doing highlights is a GREAT idea. What I hate about being brunette and coloring gray is that it shows within 5 days!

      • Hi there, I wasn’t going to write anything, but I had to about the gray. 😉 I am an autumn, which are not supposed to gray “gracefully”….so, until 2.5 years ago, I was keeping my hair pretty much the same color as it was in my youth. When it was time for a touch-up in the middle of the summer, 2014, I just dreaded the thought of going and getting the bottle, spending the time, etc, and I suddenly thought “Why am I doing this??? I am 64. I don’t have to try to look like I am 50 anymore!” Also I was tired of putting chemicals on my head. Luckily for me, even though my hair was coppery brown, the “off the shelf dyes” fade especially when out in the sun, and my hair is short, so I just started letting the roots grow out, but I never had the dreaded “line”. It looked like I was highlighting it, but I wasn’t. In the end, it grew out very nicely, and actually a couple of people have told me I look younger!!! So, Erin, give it a try!! Maybe go a little lighter in shade, get outside in the summer, maybe shorter hair if it’s long. My complete transition took about 6 months and I am SO glad I did it! I told someone I had “freedom from the bottle” 😉 As for other aging signs…yeah, wrinkles and sags…..thanks for the toning arm video!!!!

        • Dorica, I’m so happy you shared your story! How lovely that you “grew your own highlights”! If you want to share a picture – and even a before & after – we’d love to post it above to encourage others to give gray a chance!

          • Yes Dorica I went through the same hair thing and feel a freedom from the coloring bottle …I don’t want to lose it by comparing my hair color… just want to enjoy it.

          • thanks for the encouraging words and wonderful that your gray hair journey has turned out so positive Dorica. I have started the collagen that you recommend Danna on your nail health podcast, will be good for the hair too!

  2. Thanks for sharing Robyn. I feel the same way, it’s nice turning heads, and I miss it. As you said, I also feel more confidant and secure with myself as I’ve gotten older, and how I feel about myself has become more important than the opinions of others. Still, I’ll be the first in line if they develop a pill to reverse aging, lol.?

    • Stay tuned, Carole. I’ll be sharing an interesting supplement my naturopath prescribed that I’ve been using. It doesn’t turn back time completely – but it does have both internal and external benefits!

  3. Definitely health issues are the biggest challenges but don’t stay overwhelming thankfully.
    Trying to be accepting of the changes can be challenging and priorities have to be set.

  4. Definitely with you regarding health and vanity. Having just been diagnosed with cancer PLUS already feeling less attractive WITH boobs. Hoping I can rock the boobless, hairless look till reconstruction is possible.

    So in a nutshell, it’s the helplessness that I find the most frustrating. Things I’m now forced to accept as my future. I had other plans til cancer showed up. I’d rather be sipping a mai tai than chemo cocktail but we do what we need to do, right! Bottoms up!

    • Lori – Thank you for your raw honesty – and your sense of humor. I can only imagine that breast cancer is devastating at any age. I’ve had a few “call backs” but so far – all clear. I did glean some powerful perspective from the woman I respect most in this world – my mom. On my 33 birthday – she had a radical mastectomy on the left side. She was 55. She told me with a little glean in her eye, “It’s only a boob, Danna”. Then, I watched her live life to the fullest for the next 30 years until passing from Alzheimers a year ago. Her faith in God and her zest for life kept her looking upward and outward. I have a feeling, your the same kind of woman – one who does what she needs to do! Women like you show women like me how to live with courage when our plans are detoured. Rock on, Sister. Keep us informed. And we’ll keep you in our prayers. DD

  5. Health – Post menopausal, post hysterectomy inability to get the weight off the way I want to. I could starve to death for a week and lose 1 pound. Physically – The skin that is wrinkling on my hands and legs, etc.
    I am at peace for the most part, but I do monthly facials and use lots of Retin A and Vit. A creams on my face and skin.
    I also will not go gray as yet. My hairdresser said my head is not gray enough to go there yet. It’s like gray in temples and salt and pepper in back and I don’t like that look.
    I am 61.

    • Thanks for sharing, Lisa. Have you tried an elimination diet that removes all grains and sugar? For many “ageless” women, this does the trick. There are so many great recipes that can give you the satisfaction of starches, grains and even sugar.