Ageless Woman Cooking

At Ageless Woman Living we bring you recipes that can help you notch up your overall health and enhance your “Agelessness” – keeping you vital and youthful – well beyond your 40’s and 50’s, or like Danna – your 60’s! Decreasing genetically modified foods such as wheat as well as other processed grains is important to your […]

What is an “old woman”?

Aging Ain't for Sissies #2

We continue our discussion on what it means to age. Today, our question: What IS an old woman? We share our thoughts and encourage you to do the same in the comment section below. Ideas for Sharing: Share your actual age as well as how old you feel. For example, I (Danna) am 64. I […]

Naturally Curb Your Appetite & Eat Less

Quick - Tasty - Healthy Tips for the Ageless Woman

AGELESS WOMAN – QUICK TIP One of the best ways to feel full and eat less calories is to add high volume and high viscous foods to your daily diet. What are those? Foods with lots of water and lots of fiber. The best source – vegetables! Today’s tips will help you do just that […]

Thankful for Dirty Laundry

I am thankful for lots of dirty laundry… because it means we have lots of clothes and a washing machine and dryer to clean them so easily. I am thankful for dirty dishes… because it means that we had food to fill our plates. I am thankful that I once was a 24/7 chauffeur for […]

Sparkling Holiday Drink Boosts Your Metabolism

Only 35 Calories and Delicious!

Try This Tasty Holiday Drink Forget the Eggnog this Holiday and try this 35 Calories “Cocktail”. It’s refreshing, promotes detoxification, and boosts your metabolism ! JUST COMBINE: 4 ounces of R.W. Knudson “Just Cranberry” Juice (No Sweetener), 8 ounces Sparkling Water  &  A Few Drops Stevia to Taste. A Few of the Many Benefits of Unsweetened Cranberry […]

Crispy Summer Salad

That STAYS Crispy

Delicious –  Quick – Easy – Super Healthy! Have you ever wanted to prepare salad in advance so you can have it ready to serve but know that it will be soggy in a short time?  Or maybe you want to take one with you for lunch but it’s such a hassle to pack the […]

Do You Trust God to Provide? Devo Day 14

My friend Kimberly was abandoned by her pastor husband – confessing he was gay – with five children in a broken down home and no significant source of income. One month, when finances were depleted and the mortgage was due, she had to choose between groceries or making the house payment.  In desperation she prayed to […]

40 Days of Spiritual Refreshment

Here's a single page where you can find all the daily devotional links as they are added so you can listen to (or read) those you've missed. These devotionals were originally written as a 40-day journey at the conclusion of my book – WHAT HAPPENED TO MY LIFE?  The chapters preceding the devotionals share biblical perspectives […]