Firm Arms, Butt & Legs with this Band Workout

A Home Workout for Women Over 50

Fitness for Women Over 50 is More Challenging Our bodies respond better to gentler workouts that we can do daily. This workout is easy, inexpensive (the bands cost about $10) and you can do them anywhere. If you travel, this is a great routine to do in your hotel room. OUR AMAZON AFFILIATE LINK TO […]

2 Home Workouts for Women Over 50

Tone Your Arms, Legs & Butt

Working out at home eliminates all sorts of obstacles preventing us from getting exercise on a regular basis. From bad weather to driving in traffic or feeling your should at least put on a little makeup – all those obstacles are gone! Here are two home routines we use regularly to stay fit and toned. […]

Fitness Tips for Ageless (45+) Women

Interview with Fitness Pro - Zlata Sushchik

Fitness expert and podcaster, Zlata Sushchik joins us for this audio-podcast with a focus on fitness strategies for women 45+. Trust us – you will be very pleased to hear her advice about what it takes to get and stay fit as we age. Zlata has a fascinating story – she shares briefly on our […]

The 10-Minute Busy Woman Workout (Video)

Small Fitness Steps Add Up with the Right Exercise Routine

How many days per week do you exercise?  The older you get – the more you need daily exercise! Many women think this means spending at least 30-60 minutes for it to provide any value. Not true! You can build a new fitness habit and start getting some results by committing to just ten minutes […]

Smart Fitness Strategies For The Ageless Woman

Ten Minutes a Day Can Change Your Body

You don’t need to join a gym, hire a personal trainer, or workout 60-minutes every day to see significant improvement in your body shape and health. However, you do need to engage in consistent and intentional activities regularly to see and feel results. Start with ten minutes per day 5-6 days a week and gently […]