Fingernail Health Tips

You emailed and we answered!

Send us your health, weight loss, nutrition, beauty, or general “ageless living” questions and we’ll do our best to answer you via a short video! We share a great nutritional supplement and a food that nourishes your entire body that can make your nails healthy and strong when taken regularly. Plus, there are other great […]

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NEW! Your Q’s Answered in Short Videos

How many eggs can I safely eat each day?

OUR GOAL… is to help you realize your best health, body, and overall life – no matter what your age! “Ageless” (45+) women want answers about how to eat for maximum energy and minimum fat storage. They want to know about the best beauty and health products and how live with passion, purpose and joy […]

Naturally Curb Your Appetite & Eat Less

Quick - Tasty - Healthy Tips for the Ageless Woman

AGELESS WOMAN – QUICK TIP One of the best ways to feel full and eat less calories is to add high volume and high viscous foods to your daily diet. What are those? Foods with lots of water and lots of fiber. The best source – vegetables! Today’s tips will help you do just that […]

Coffee & Chocolate Confessions

What’s the best time to drink your coffee? How much fun food do you allow in your diet? Here is our coffee and chocolate confession and recommendation for a balanced approach. If you haven’t already, we invite you to join our community of “ageless women” by subscribing to our email list on the right column. […]

Busy Woman Roasted Chicken Recipe #3

Thai Chicken Stir Fry in Minutes

This tasty and fast recipe is one of our new favorites. If you’re not sure you like curry – try this one – you’ll be surprised! Busy Woman Roasted Chicken Recipe #3 Thai Chicken Stir Fry Ingredients: 1/2 Roasted Chicken 1 Package of Tiger Tiger Thai Red Curry 1 Package Green Giant Pre-Chopped Cauliflower/Broccoli/Onion Mix 1 […]

Salty, Crunchy Snack Without the Guilt!

Ageless Woman Food Fave

Do you crave salty, crunchy snacks, but think “I can’t have that,  it’s too fattening or unhealthy”?  On this episode of Ageless Woman Food Faves, we’re excited to share one of our favorite treats.  This is a special snack  because it’s delicious and  healthy (in moderation of course!) Be sure to watch the short video […]

Sparkling Holiday Drink Boosts Your Metabolism

Only 35 Calories and Delicious!

Try This Tasty Holiday Drink Forget the Eggnog this Holiday and try this 35 Calories “Cocktail”. It’s refreshing, promotes detoxification, and boosts your metabolism ! JUST COMBINE: 4 ounces of R.W. Knudson “Just Cranberry” Juice (No Sweetener), 8 ounces Sparkling Water  &  A Few Drops Stevia to Taste. A Few of the Many Benefits of Unsweetened Cranberry […]

Cuppa Healthy Goodness

The many benefits of various teas and our FAVE Concoction

There are so many benefits from drinking tea. We share a few plus our favorite tasty tea concoction. Drink up! Ready for a Mid-Summer Health & Weight Loss “Reboot”? Scroll Down! Here are online links to the products we mentioned in case you cannot find them at your local market: Monk Fruit in the Raw […]

Grain Free Snicker Doodle Muffins

Ageless Woman Cooking (Video)

Losing weight does not need to mean that you must eat only raw veggies and tasteless meals. Our Ageless Woman Cooking Show is dedicated to bringing you recipes that balance healthy eating with satisfying taste so you can maximize your health and weight loss efforts. On this episode, Robyn and I bring you one of […]

Crispy Summer Salad

That STAYS Crispy

Delicious –  Quick – Easy – Super Healthy! Have you ever wanted to prepare salad in advance so you can have it ready to serve but know that it will be soggy in a short time?  Or maybe you want to take one with you for lunch but it’s such a hassle to pack the […]