Aging Ain’t for Sissies – Part 3

Thoughts on Danna's Daughter Turning 40!

We all know that if we’re blessed to live a long life, we’ll get “old”. But, what makes a woman “old” and how can our best years be our last years? Our goal at Ageless Woman Living is to share insights and resources that help you make the next decades of your life the very […]

Thankful for Dirty Laundry

I am thankful for lots of dirty laundry… because it means we have lots of clothes and a washing machine and dryer to clean them so easily. I am thankful for dirty dishes… because it means that we had food to fill our plates. I am thankful that I once was a 24/7 chauffeur for […]

What’s On God’s Bucket List for Your Life?

WHAT’S ON YOUR PERSONAL BUCKET LIST?  Rome. Florence. Verona. Our trip to Italy in 2014 (all alone with my husband) was fantastic! I felt like I’d finally accomplished desire on my personal bucket list. As a couple, we’d not enjoyed more than two days alone to relax and connect without our son for almost 18 years. It renewed and refreshed us body, […]

Renew Your Mind With 7 Minutes of Truth Talk

Use this tool daily to erase and replace the lies you believe

GOD’S RX FOR PEACE & JOY Scroll Down To Listen To Podcast We are bombarded by lies and negativity all day long. In fact, over 80% of what we see and hear on a daily basis is negative. No wonder we are emotionally drained and stressed out by the end of some days.The most powerful […]

Who Stole Your Identity?

Ageless Woman God Stuff

Every minute, 19 people fall victim to identity theft. Every second we can allow our spiritual identity to be looted. Who are you? What words best describe your heart, your life, your passions? (Scroll to bottom of page for audio player) Your answer to these questions may matter more than you realize. The words we […]

God’s Bucket List for Your Life

Most of us have a list of things we want to experience or accomplish before we die.  Great! But, if we forget to ask God what He’s got on HIS list, we may miss our true destiny. This short video (at bottom of page) will give you super simple exercise to begin compiling God’s bucket list […]

Renew Your Mind at the Bathroom Sink!

Ageless Woman Living Video

HOW DO YOU: Change a habit permanently? Overcome persistent negative emotions? Realize your God-given potential? Find contentment despite your circumstances? All these things are realized by practicing the biblical concept of renewing your mind with TRUTH. From overcoming emotional eating to discovering Christ-confidence found in believing your true identity – the power of a renewed […]

Is This Sabotaging Your Weight Loss & Health?

3 Factors You Need to Address for Lifestyle Success

We have a couple questions for you:  What day and time do you usually begin a new diet? If you eat “off plan” in the middle of the day, how does that incident impact the rest of your day? The answers to these questions reveal a lot. You can have an eating plan perfectly designed for […]

The Time Management Myth (Video)

Time cannot be managed. Well, maybe that statement is just a tad bit inaccurate. God alone can manage time. But, we humans – not so much. So, how do we balance our busy lives – make time for that which is most important – and realize our most important goals? Watch the video (below) and […]

De-cluttering Your Quiet Time (Podcast)

AS A SEMI-RECOVERED TYPE A – I struggle with sitting quietly with God some days. My massive TO DO List seems to be taunting me from my notebook across the table. I feel like this woman in the picture with Post-It Notes plastered all over my body reminding me of all the things I think I […]