Healthy Condiments

The "Little Stuff" Adds Up

Our health and vitality is directly linked to the big and little lifestyle choices we make everyday. From whole foods to supplementation. From organic produce to even selecting healthier condiment choices – those things we do most days add up. Today, we have two little tips for you to enhance your health and one big […]

To Weigh…or NOT to Weigh

That is the Question!

Most women need a reality check of some type to determine if they are storing fat (a.k.a. gaining weight). Is the scale the right reality check for you? Maybe. Maybe not. Danna gives you 4 Reality Check Tools to consider. If you want help learning how to lose weight and keep it off – ESPECIALLY […]

From Frumpy to Fabulous

Ageless Woman Fashion Fav (Video)

Danna transforms Robyn from frumpy housewife to fabulous “ageless woman” in seconds – and she’s still wearing her jeans!  Today, you’ll learn simple ways to look cute and classy with very little effort. It’s so much easier than you may think and quite inexpensive as well. Robyn loved the look so much, she decided that […]

You’re Invited to Ageless Woman Connection

A Private Facebook Group for 40+ Women

If you’re an “ageless woman”, we invite you to join us – and lots of other women – on our private Facebook group called Ageless Woman Connection.  It’s a safe and private place for like-minded women to share their ideas, tips, concerns, fears, triumphs, and dreams. We hope that you will not only connect with us, […]

Simple Holiday Fashion Ideas

For the Ageless Woman

Here’s a series of short videos to show you some easy ideas winter holiday transformations. Enjoy and consider sharing some of your ideas in the post area below! Be sure to look to the bottom of the page after you have watched as we have listed some similar ideas! Be sure to look to the […]

HEALTH ALERT for Ageless Women

You need to know your "numbers"

What health issue worries you most as you age? Gaining weight? Breast cancer? Losing vitality? Degenerative spine? Those are all real concerns. However, “mature” women have another huge health risk that few think about or take preventative action to avoid the dangers. Watch this short video series and discover what that is and the first […]

What’s On God’s Bucket List for Your Life?

WHAT’S ON YOUR PERSONAL BUCKET LIST?  Rome. Florence. Verona. Our trip to Italy in 2014 (all alone with my husband) was fantastic! I felt like I’d finally accomplished desire on my personal bucket list. As a couple, we’d not enjoyed more than two days alone to relax and connect without our son for almost 18 years. It renewed and refreshed us body, […]

Renew Your Mind With 7 Minutes of Truth Talk

Use this tool daily to erase and replace the lies you believe

GOD’S RX FOR PEACE & JOY Scroll Down To Listen To Podcast We are bombarded by lies and negativity all day long. In fact, over 80% of what we see and hear on a daily basis is negative. No wonder we are emotionally drained and stressed out by the end of some days.The most powerful […]

Sugar Free Berry Sorbet

Make in Minutes - The Whole Family Will Enjoy!

Keep your cool this summer and enjoy our berry quick sugar-free sorbet. It is sweet and very satisfying. Plus, check out some of the amazing nutritional benefits of berries in the list we’ve included. These are the ultimate “ageless woman” nutrient to keep you healthy and vibrant at any age. Add them frequently to your […]

Do You Know Your Carb Threshold?

If you want to lose weight - it's essential!

If you’ve cut calories and still not lost weight… If you’ve reduced the fat in your diet and gotten fatter… If you’ve exercised your tail off and the fat doesn’t budge… If the fat around your middle has increased… Chances are you’re exceeding your carbohydrate threshold and converting those calories quickly to stored fat. Don’t […]