DD-Hshot-SqDanna Demetre, RN

Health & Weight Loss Mentor

While it may seem to many that I’m qualified to coach you because of my medical and fitness credentials, I actually believe my greater wisdom comes from my own experience overcoming an unhealthy relationship with food and improper body image. It was so severe in my early 20’s that I was bingeing and purging up to five times per day. I was utterly out of control – feeling helpless to change – and yet desperately wanting to realize lasting victory.

I tried almost every diet under the sun and ended up becoming more and more obsessed with food and rather than losing – I ended up gaining more weight. I hated the back fat that bulged under my bra strap and how my thighs rubbed together. I was constantly self-conscious of my appearance and feeling fat and ugly.

After years of trying diet pills, struggling with bulimia, and losing and gaining weight, I wondered if I’d ever break free of my bondage. Through prayer and in complete brokenness, I discovered the power of renewing my mind biblically and how to practice a few simple nutritional principles that eventually became my sustainable lifestyle. I only wish it had not taken me decades to figure out the healthiest way to balance my body, soul, and spirit in a way that honored God and promoted lasting change.

I’m here to share that there is a path to freedom! I’ve experienced lasting weight loss and health for the over 30 years. At 63, I’m often mistaken for 45. I am not special. I believe you can realize the same results if you follow our program and commit to changing your habits in God-honoring ways.



Danna & Robyn are both guest presenters as well as occasionally produce their own events for women under the non-profit ministry – Women of Purpose. You can get more information about their availability by emailing: agelesswomanliving@gmail.com


scale_down_2012Danna is the author of many book titles to include her best-selling Scale Down book and curriculum, What Happened to My Life?, Change Your Habits, Change Your Life. She recently co-authored The Ageless Woman Detox Lite program with Robyn Thomson and they are working on The Ageless Woman Diet.

Danna is also popular retreat and conference speaker with over 20 years experience sharing the hope she found in Christ to transform her in many struggles of life.