Healthy Sweeten Up!

For Grain Free Muffins, Cakes & Cookies

Breaking the sugar habit is not easy.
However, the benefits are tremendous.

Not only will it help you lose unwanted pounds, but help prevent many diseases and slow down aging. As your ageless advocates and coaches, we are constantly looking for and tweaking recipes so you can satisfy your cravings in healthy ways. The truth is, getting just the right amount of sweetness in muffins, cakes, and cookies can be tough and everyone has a little different preference.

This short video shares three products we use in addition to small amounts of raw, organic honey or natural maple syrup to create delicious alternatives and keep your sugar intake very low.



Monk Sugar in the Raw (This is a 3-Pack which will save you money)

Lo Han (Monk Sugar) Liquid

Lo Han (Super Concentrated) Powder