Menopause Madness

Robyn Unplugged - Her Peri-Meno Emotions Revealed

Whether you’re just entering peri-menopause or a longtime post-menopause veteran, there are potential challenges and frustrations in every phase. Sometimes, it’s emotional. Sometimes, it’s physical. Sometimes, you feel like you don’t even know who you are anymore!  In this short video, Robyn shares her emotional peri-menopausal symptoms and the action she plans to take.

Let’s go on this rollercoaster hormone ride together! Share your thoughts below! And stay tuned to learn more about our upcoming AGELESS ACADEMY MEMBERSHIP – A Connected Community of Women & Coaches to Support the “Ageless” Woman and Help Her THRIVE in this “HOT” Season of Life.  TO GET MORE INFO:  CLICK HERE

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5 thoughts on “Menopause Madness

  1. Hey Hotties! I just want to share my #1 tip for hot flashes. I take a double dose of Omega 3 fish oil both morning and night. (My fave product is Coromega). It completely knocked out my flashes. Not everyone will get the same results but many will. Besides, fish oil is also my #1 beauty tip for ageless skin. So, give it a try!

  2. Good post Robyn. Thanks for sharing your feelings. I’m 58 and just went on HRT medication, and my hot flashes have subsided and my moods are a bit more stable. I’m on a low dose, and while I’m not advocating it for everyone, it’s definitely helping me manage my symptoms.
    I’ve told my husband I hope to come back as a man in my next life, lol. ?
    Keep up the good work.?

    • Too Funny Carol! I can relate to that comment about being a man. My hubby can’t figure out, why menopause is not a one time event and it’s been going on for like at least 8 years for me. He always jokes how didn’t that already happen? I will update on the natural methods I find and have heard that some of them have a weening protocol for hormone replacement too.

  3. Bravo, Robin! Countless women will identify with what you have so aptly described. I’m long past perimenopause, but well remember the challenges (including heavy periods that lasted up to 3 weeks. Oi Vey!!) Blessings to you for your generous sharing that will so encourage your followers!

    Now, please make a note to yourself. In about 20 more years, your present condition will be long gone. But so will your mind. I am not kidding. Names and words you have always used will go to the South of France and all your loved ones will constantly finish your sentences for you, (you poor old crone.) Multi tasking will give way to single tasking which will give way to “Why am I standing in this room?” Everyone tells me I look good for 72. I think this is more due to my laughter than to the expensive brain pills I pop daily. So bring laughter with you into your next ageing phases. (When it comes back of course) It will be your new best friend.

    • Kathy, thanks for your response and you note for the future! Good suggestion! Laughing really is the best medicine!