Creamy Lemon Chicken over Zoodles

This recipe is another one of our Ageless Woman Jumpstart Diet Approved.  Of course you can always serve it over regular pasta or even a brown rice pasta if you are not on the diet, but what better way to cut your carbs and up your fiber and phyto nutrients than buy using delicious garden…

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From Frumpy to Fabulous

Danna transforms Robyn from frumpy housewife to fabulous “ageless woman” in seconds – and she’s still wearing her jeans!  Today, you’ll learn simple ways to look cute and classy with very little effort. It’s so much easier than you may think and quite inexpensive as well. Robyn loved the look so much, she decided that…

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The 10-Minute Busy Woman Workout

How many days per week do you exercise? The older you get – the more you need daily exercise? Many women think this means spending at least 30-60 minutes for it to provide any value. Not true! You can build a new fitness habit and start getting some results by committing to just ten minutes…

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At Ageless Woman Living we bring you recipes that can help you notch up your overall health and enhance your “Agelessness” – keeping you vital and youthful – well beyond your 40’s and 50’s, or like Danna – your 60’s! Decreasing genetically modified foods such as wheat as well as other processed grains is important to your…

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Read in The Sun in “Ageless” Style

We’re guessing if your 45+, you’ve likely got a pair or two of “reading glasses” if you don’t wear prescription glasses. Losing near vision is one of the first signs of aging. We took a road trip a while back and faced an “Ageless Woman Challenge” and came back and found a great solution.  Enjoy this…

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You’re Invited to Ageless Woman Connection

If you’re an “ageless woman”, we invite you to join us – and lots of other women – on our private Facebook group called Ageless Woman Connection.  It’s a safe and private place for like-minded women to share their ideas, tips, concerns, fears, triumphs, and dreams. We hope that you will not only connect with us,…

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Cancer Free Ageless Skin

SKIN – THE LARGEST ORGAN ON YOUR BODY As you can see by this picture taken on my 60th birthday in 2012, I love the sun and I love being tan. Thankfully, most of my tan is a combo of very rare exposure to sun slathered in sun screen and some high quality spray on…

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Strawberry Balsamic Chicken Salad

This is chicken recipe #3 for the busy woman. You can prepare this one in less than 5 minutes if you use the chicken breast that you cooked for the previous 2  busy woman recipes or grab a pre-roasted chicken from the grocery.  We know this is a simple recipe and  you could probably just follow the…

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Menopause Madness

Whether you’re just entering peri-menopause or a longtime post-menopause veteran, there are potential challenges and frustrations in every phase. Sometimes, it’s emotional. Sometimes, it’s physical. Sometimes, you feel like you don’t even know who you are anymore!  In this short video, Robyn shares her emotional peri-menopausal symptoms and the action she plans to take. Let’s…

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Chicken Fajita Taco Wraps

Here’s Recipe #2 of three fast and easy chicken dishes you can make in just minutes – all packed with nutrient dense veggies and bursting with flavor.  This recipe is Ageless Woman Jumpstart Diet approved   Chicken Fajita Taco Wraps Ingredients: 2 Chicken Breast (cooked and sliced) 2 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 1/2 Red…

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